Controversies in College Admissions Virtual Mini Conference

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Two-Day, Virtual, Mini-Conference

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College Admissions processes and measures have continued to attract considerable attention through the media. Issues arise when the public questions the ethics and honesty of admission decisions and who is accepted. It is critical to ensure access, honesty, and equity in the process, while continuing to achieve excellence in our future classes. With admissions policies in the national spotlight, colleges must consider and evaluate their current admissions goals and practices, but where should they start?

At this research-based, virtual mini-conference, our goal is to bring together experts from across the country to explore potential new models for college admissions, including standardized tests, the value of increasing student diversity, and the role financial aid could play in optimizing admissions goals. Nine national speakers will look at recent trends and explore potential new models for college admissions.

Presenters, Bios & Topics

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Archived recordings of individual webinar presentations or the entire mini-conference are available for purchase in the Buros video library.

Kurt Geisinger

Kurt F. Geisinger

Buros Center for Testing, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Let's Begin All Over: What Should Colleges and Universities Seek in a Student Body?

Wayne Camara

Wayne J. Camara

The Law School Admission Council

Admissions Testing Impact on Access and Alternative Options

Jessica Howell

Jessica Howell

The College Board

Context Matters: The Importance of Environmental Information in College Admissions

Donald Hossler

Donald R. Hossler

University of Southern California

The Interconnectedness of Issues Confronting Four-Year Colleges in the Area of Admissions, Transparency, and Equity: Ethical Considerations

Krista Mattern

Krista Mattern


Improving the Validity and Diversity of a College Admissions Selection System: The Utility of Social and Emotional Learning Measures

Neal Schmitt

Neal Schmitt

Michigan State University

College Admissions:
Are There Feasible Alternatives/
Complements to SAT
and ACT Test Scores?


Janet Helms

Janet Helms

Boston College

Implications of Racial-Group Test Score Gap for College Admissions

Rebecca Zwick

Rebecca Zwick

Educational Testing Service

Using Quantitative Techniques to Promote Diversity in Admissions

Matthew Gaertner

Matthew Gaertner


Considering Class: Colorado’s Affirmative Action Experiment