Evaluation and Oversight

As an independent agency that does not develop tests, Buros is well-positioned to conduct independent evaluations and provide monitoring and oversight services on all aspects of your testing program.

What we provide

  • Oversee test developers' compliance with your testing contracts.
  • Serve as observers for standard settings, alignment, human scorer operations, mass processing of test documents, or other validity studies to independently document activities.
  • Evaluate technical information that is periodically provided by the test contractor for appropriateness and accuracy.
  • Conduct independent replications of critical processes such as scale calibration, equating, and linking.
  • Serve as liaisons for technical advisory committees or policymakers to assist in communicating information about the quality of the program.
  • Independently advise on Request for Proposal (RFP) development or evaluation

Contact Information

Kurt F. Geisinger
(402) 472-6203