Audit and Accreditation

The Buros audit program provides evaluations of the psychometric quality of proprietary testing programs. The full two-stage program includes a general audit of processes and procedures employed by the testing program (Stage One) and a focused evaluation of specific tests within the testing program (Stage Two). Some programs choose to participate in only Stage One, which constitutes the audit phase.

A Buros audit offers proprietary testing programs an opportunity to have an independent agency review their policies and procedures to ensure they are maintaining a standard of quality as measured by the testing industry. The Buros audit review is based on the extent to which the testing program demonstrates meeting the Buros Standards for Accreditation of Testing Programs. At the end of each phase of the audit, Buros will provide the testing program with evidence of adherence to these standards and ways in which the policies or procedures could be modified or improved to meet the expectations of the professional community.

As a result of participating in an independent audit, testing programs can promote their commitment to quality as evidenced by the external review. Testing programs that receive Buros accreditation are able to market their testing programs as meeting accepted testing standards. Buros is also able to provide expert witness testimony on behalf of an accredited testing program that experiences a legal challenge.

The Buros Standards for Accreditation of Testing Programs have been newly updated to reflect current guidelines from the testing community. In particular, the Buros Standards for Accreditation of Testing Programs are highly consistent with the 2014 Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, jointly published by the American Educational Research Association (AERA), the American Psychological Association (APA), and the National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME). The Buros National Advisory Council unanimously approved the revised standards in June 2017; the prior Buros Standards for Proprietary Testing Programs are also included below for legacy uses. Testing programs considering seeking Buros accreditation should contact Buros to confirm their application utilizes the correct documents.

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