Buros Center for Testing

Test Reviews & Information

Buros publishes authoritative reference materials that contain descriptions and candidly critical evaluations of commercially available tests, essential to professionals involved in the evaluation, selection, and use of tests. Recognized for their quality worldwide, our publications comprise expert and independent sources of information about tests. Watch this video to learn more.

Psychometric Consulting

Buros offers expert psychometric services to assist proprietary testing programs and improve the quality of their programs and validity of results.

Our independent verification adds credibility and defensibility to testing organizations and their assessments.

Assessment Literacy

Buros provides instructional and educational resources that improve the ability of individuals to select, develop, and use tests and assessments in accordance with relevant standards as well as accepted guidelines for responsible test use.

“Test users have every right to demand that test authors and publishers present full particulars concerning the methods used in constructing and validating the tests which they place on the market”
(Oscar Buros, 1938).

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