Psychometric Consulting

Buros offers expert psychometric services to assist proprietary testing programs and improve the quality of their programs and validity of results. Our independent verification adds credibility and defensibility to testing organizations and their assessments. Learn more about the Buros Center units, services and resources, Buros Center for Testing Flyer [PDF]

Contact Information

Kurt F. Geisinger
(402) 472-6203

Psychometric Research

Buros offers independent psychometric research to help contribute to your programs’ validity evidence.

Consultation and Training

Buros can provide technical assistance and consultation for the psychometric aspects of your testing program as well as for your data analysis needs.

Evaluation and Oversight

As an independent agency that does not develop tests, Buros is well-positioned to conduct independent evaluations and provide monitoring and oversight services on all aspects of your testing program.

Audit and Accreditation

The Buros audit program provides evaluations of the psychometric quality of proprietary testing programs.