Copyright and Permissions

I. Works published in the journal, Applied Measurement in Education, are copyrighted by the journal’s publisher, Taylor & Francis. (For more information contact the U.S. Copyright Office). Permission requests related to articles appearing in Applied Measurement in Education must be made through the journal’s publisher on their website.

II. Works posted on the Buros Assessment Literacy site may be protected by copyright. Links to resources on Educational Resources or Video Library webpages may be made provided “Buros Center for Testing (” appears with or near the link.  Inquiries about or requests for permission related to resources and materials listed on the following Assessment Literacy webpages should be directed to the source or organization listed:

For all other inquiries about copyright or permissions of work posted on the Assessment Literacy site, contact Jessica L. Jonson, Research Associate Professor, at

III. Works published by Buros are protected by copyright. (For more information contact the U.S. Copyright Office.) Buros holds the exclusive copyrights to its published works.

A. Authors seeking permission to reprint any portion of an entry appearing in the Mental Measurements Yearbook, Tests in Print, or Pruebas Publicadas en Español must secure permission to use this material. It is our policy to grant permission, without charge, to reprint one entry (or portion of one entry) from one of our published volumes provided that (a) the selected material is from a recently published work, and (b) the narrative accompanying the material to be reprinted is accurate. Brief quotations (50 words or less) from test reviews do not require permission, provided the purpose of using the quoted material is scholarly comment, educational or other noncommercial use. In addition, full credit must be given to the authors and publisher (Buros Center for Testing) through a complete and accurate reference citation.

Copyright Permission Requests should be directed to Janet F. Carlson, Associate Director for Test Reviews & Information, at Include the following information with requests:

  1. Specific information (i.e., copy of complete text or image) for which permission to reprint is requested.
    1. The selection must be accompanied by surrounding text, caption, or narrative in order to establish the context in which the selection is to be used.
  2. Complete information concerning the work (e.g., book) in which the reprinted material is to appear, including:
    1. full title
    2. author/s or editor/s name/s
    3. volume or edition number
    4. initial publication date (estimated, if necessary)
    5. number of pages (estimated, if necessary)
    6. proposed price (estimated, if necessary)
  3. Specific distribution plan (i.e., U.S. only or worldwide) and what, if any, derivatives are planned (e.g., translations, abridgements).
    1. Also indicate the format and methods of delivery that are planned (e.g., eBooks, PDF downloads, accessible versions such as Braille).
  4. Full credit must be given to the Buros Center for Testing. The citation may be listed under the figure or in a credit section of the publication.
    • For information on how to cite works published by the Buros Center for Testing (e.g., the Mental Measurements Yearbook series, Tests in Print series, Pruebas Publicadas en Español series, and Test Reviews Online), click here

B. Test publishers seeking to use quotes from test reviews that have appeared in a Mental Measurements Yearbook to promote their own products must secure approval from Buros to do so and must meet the following conditions:

  1. Quotes from the review must focus on the requesting publisher's tests only. No comparative statements regarding competing products will be allowed.
  2. Quotes must be limited to 50 words or less.
  3. Quotes must be consistent with the overall perspective of the reviewer.
  4. Quotes must use only complete sentences from the cited review; no ellipses will be permitted.
  5. Quotes must provide correct and complete attribution/citation to the Mental Measurements Yearbook.
  6. All proposed quotes must be submitted to Buros for approval prior to use. Requests should be made to Nancy A. Anderson, Managing Editor, at

C. Test publishers who wish to request copies of complete test reviews for distribution may request reprints from the Managing Editor, Nancy A. Anderson, at, who will quote a price based on the number of reprints requested.