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Fairness in Educational and Psychological Tests: Critical Issues and Solutions (2017)

The goal of this working meeting was to provide a dynamic, interactive forum for identifying gaps and new directions for research and practice in the areas of fairness in testing particularly in light of the 2014 Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing. The gathering involved 16 influential researchers/practitioners in educational policy, educational measurement, school psychology, clinical/counseling psychology, and industrial/organizational psychology. A key outcome for the meeting was to develop a plan for continued dialogue, dissemination, and scholarship. This meeting was supported by American Educational Research Association (AERA) conference grant program funding with additional funding from the Buros Center for Testing.

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Decoding the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing Webinar Series (2015)


The 2014 Standards represents the 5th edition in the series of standards developed by the professional organizations in educational and psychological assessment (American Psychological Association, American Educational Research Association, and the National Council on Measurement in Education). This series will illustrate how the Standards can be applied in specific areas of testing practice (e.g., employment, school psychology) through the use of examples to amplify the intent of the Standards, to promote sound testing practices, and to provide a basis for evaluating the quality of those practices. The goal of the series is to encourage audiences to view the Standards as a relevant and essential resource in the development and use of tests in their respective settings.

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Big Issues in Testing Conference (2013)

Improving Admissions and Learning in Higher Education

Presentations from the 2013 Big Issues in Testing Conference highlight research and insights regarding the current and future state of admissions and learning assessment at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Issues discussed include the extent to which testing and assessment produces desired results or effects, influence of the context in which assessment occurs, implications for specific populations, and lessons higher education can learn from K-12 assessment for accountability.

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Evaluating Test Quality: Advice From Mental Measurements Yearbook Reviewers (Fall 2016 - Spring 2017)


Join us to learn more about responsible test selection and use.

Since 1938 the Mental Measurements Yearbook has served practitioners and the public by publishing evaluative, timely, and consumer-oriented reviews of commercially available tests. These reviews are written by experts in various fields to inform test selection and use. The presenters in this webinar series include some of our leading reviewers who will share their advice about how to evaluate different types of tests and the technical characteristics of tests.

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Efficacy of Clinical Assessment Webinar Series (2015)


The overarching goal of the webinar series is to promote the value of assessment by framing it as a significant component of practice that enriches the professional decision-making processes. The series will focus on myriad ways in which clinical assessment contributes to evidence-based mental health interventions. Sessions within the series will serve to:

  • encourage the incorporation of assessment services as a component of treatment plans;
  • present evidence that assessment services are effective in reducing duration of treatment or recurrence;
  • offer arguments for expanding attention to assessment services in practice guidelines; and
  • expand training of practitioners to ensure awareness of current assessment practices, standards, and legal and ethical requirements.

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Buros 30/70 Conference (2010)

Monitoring Assessment Quality in the Age of Accountability

The 30/70 Conference gathered presenters who have played one or more significant roles in the Buros Center for Testing's history to discuss various topics related to assessment quality in an age of accountability. This conference was organized to celebrate over 70 years since the initial publication of The Mental Measurements Yearbook series and over 30 years of the Buros Center of Testing at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. 

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“The Buros Center for Testing has built an admirable reputation for employing the Testing Standards in all of its work, providing assurances regarding the extent to which a testing program is meeting the standards in its documentation and practices.”

Michael C. Rodriguez, Ph.D., Campbell Leadership Chair in Education and Human Development, University of Minnesota

“Buros’ new initiative in Assessment Literacy to expand knowledge of and access to the Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing extends its mission in a practical, valuable and much needed way.”

Gregory J. Cizek, Ph.D., Professor of Educational Measurement and Evaluation, University of North Carolina