About Us

The Buros Center for Testing shares its expertise in assessment-related endeavors by providing critical appraisals of tests and descriptive information, offering psychometric consultation services, and developing deeper understanding of testing and assessment practices. We function as the world’s premier test review center, as well as a provider of outreach efforts related to our mission to improve testing, assessment, and measurement practices through consultation and education, with special emphases in psychology and education. The Oscar K. Buros Library of Mental Measurements houses the largest collection of commercially available tests in the world.

The Buros Center operates as an independent, non-profit organization within the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. The Center is housed in the Department of Educational Psychology in the College of Education and Human Sciences. With unquestioned integrity, an increasing awareness of changes in the world, and sophisticated technology, our influence on the use of measurements will expand so that we can meet our mission even more effectively.

University of Nebraska–Lincoln
21 Teachers College Hall
Lincoln, NE 68588-0348
(402) 472-6203
Zoe McManaman,
Office Assistant

Mission Statement

The Buros Center for Testing operates as an independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is to improve the science and practice of testing and assessment.