Buros publishes authoritative reference materials that contain descriptions and candidly critical evaluations of commercially available tests, essential to professionals involved in the evaluation, selection, and use of tests. Recognized for their quality worldwide, our publications comprise expert and independent sources of information about tests.

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Mental Measurements Yearbook

The Mental Measurements Yearbook series includes timely, consumer-oriented test reviews, providing evaluative information to promote and encourage informed test selection.

Tests in Print

Tests in Print serves as a comprehensive bibliography to all known commercially available tests that are currently in print in the English language.

Pruebas Publicadas en Español

The Buros Center for Testing has begun a new publication series in 2013. Pruebas Publicadas en Español provides a listing of commercially available Spanish tests in one comprehensive volume. The instruments in this edition range from those that are written entirely in Spanish to those that contain only one or two Spanish forms.

Test Reviews Online

Access test reviews online, exactly as they appear in the Mental Measurements Yearbook series.  Find free information on over 3,500 commercially available tests, most of which have been critically reviewed by the Buros Center for Testing. Reviews may be purchased for $15 per test title.

Database Subscription

The Mental Measurements Yearbook series is available from EBSCO and OVID/SilverPlatter at many academic libraries. Providing access to reviews appearing in the first MMY published in 1938 through the most current Yearbook, the MMY database is updated every 6 months to ensure timely access to current information. The MMY database is available by subscription and may be provided as a stand alone service for authorized users.

Information for Reviewers

The Buros Center for Testing publishes reviews of hundreds of tests each year in our Mental Measurements Yearbook series and online via Test Reviews Online.  We depend on the assistance of professionals who volunteer their time and expertise in the review process. 

Other Publications

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Distinguished Reviewers

To receive the "Distinguished Reviewer" designation, an individual must have contributed to six or more volumes of the Mental Measurements Yearbook. The Buros Center for Testing appreciates and acknowledges the long-term contributions of the Distinguished Reviewers to the success of the Mental Measurements Yearbook series.