Fairness in Educational and Psychological Tests: Critical Issues and Solutions (2017)


The meeting was supported by the American Educational Research Association's (AERA) Research Conference grant fund, as well as the Buros Center for Testing, to examine fairness in testing issues from multiple professional perspectives of nationally recognized scholars including professionals from educational policy, educational measurement, school psychology, clinical/counseling psychology, and industrial/organizational psychology. Topics included fairness issues and methodologies for individuals of different cultural backgrounds, individuals with disabilities, and English Language Learners. Each speaker was selected based on a record of scholarship focusing on these areas.

Conference Goals

The goal of the day and a half meeting was to allow featured speakers to present and engage in an interactive discussion to identify gaps in research and practice and to develop action plans. In addition, the participants worked in advance to produce a presentation and written summary of key ideas reflecting their expertise. A key meeting outcome will be to bring more attention to fairness in testing by engaging and disseminating ideas from the meeting to key constituents and our broader professional communities through collective published scholarship and future professional conference presentations.

Meeting Outcomes

Check back for an updated listing of presentations, publications, and other scholarly products resulting from the Fairness in Educational and Psychological Testing meeting.

For more information about the meeting contact Dr. Jessica L. Jonson at jjonson@buros.org

Meeting Rationale

Topics & Featured Speakers