Improving Admissions and Learning in Higher Education
March 28-29, 2013

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Admissions Testing

Neal Schmitt
Neal Schmitt, Ph.D.

University Distinguished Professor Emeritus
Michigan State University, Department of Psychology

Presentation Title: Objectively Scored Alternatives to SAT/ACT Scores and High School Grades in College Admissions

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Michael Rodriguez
Michael C. Rodriguez, Ph.D.

Campbell Leadership Chair in Education & Human Development
University of Minnesota, Department of Educational Psychology

Presentation Title: Trends in Graduate Admissions Measures

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Kurt Geisinger
Kurt F. Geisinger, Ph.D.

Director of Buros Center for Testing & W.C. Meierhenry Distinguished Professor
University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Department of Educational Psychology

Presentation Title: The Future of College Admissions Testing in America

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Testing of Specific Populations

James S. Jackson, Ph.D.
James S. Jackson, Ph.D.

Director and Research Professor, Institute for Social Research & Daniel Katz Distinguished Professor of Psychology
University of Michigan, Department of Psychology

Co-authors: Krim Lacey, Ph.D. , University of Michigan
Thomas S. Paskus, Ph.D. , National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
Todd Petr, MBA, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

Presentation Title: Admission, Selection and Success of Minority College Student Athletes

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James Wollack, Ph.D.
James Wollack, Ph.D.

Director of Testing and Evaluation Services & Associate Professor
University of Wisconsin – Madison, Department of Educational Psychology

Presentation Title: College-Level Placement Testing and the Common Core

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Martha L. Thurlow, Ph.D.
Martha L. Thurlow, Ph.D.

Senior Research Associate and Director of the National Center on Educational Outcomes
University of Minnesota, College of Education & Human Development

Presentation Title: Assessment Changing Students and Vice Versa: Lessons from K-12 Testing of Students with Disabilities

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Learning Assessment: Accountability & Improvement

Victor Borden, Ph.D.
Victor Borden, Ph.D.

Professor and Senior Advisor to Executive Vice President for University Regional Affairs, Planning, and Policy
Indiana University, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Presentation Title: Measurement Validity and Accountability for Student Learning in Higher Education

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Edward Roeber, Ph.D.
Edward Roeber, Ph.D.

Senior Assessment Policy Advisor
University of Wisconsin – Madison, Wisconsin Center for Education Research/WIDA

Presentation Title: When Assessment and Accountability Come Knocking, Should Higher Ed Answer the Door? Lessons Learning from K-12 for Higher Education

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Jerome D'Agostino, Ph.D.
Jerome D'Agostino, Ph.D.

The Ohio State University, School of Educational Policy & Leadership

Presentation Title: Research on the Alignment between Secondary and Postsecondary Standards and Expectations

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