Tests reviewed in the Thirteenth Mental Measurements Yearbook

The following is a complete list of tests reviewed in the Thirteenth Mental Measurements Yearbook (1998). Click here for ordering information. Also, individual test reviews may be obtained through Test Reviews Online. To check on other test titles, see the complete index.

AAMR Adaptive Behavior Scale--Residential and Community, Second Edition
AAMR Adaptive Behavior Scale--School, Second Edition
Accounting Aptitude Test
ACCUPLACER: Computerized Placement Tests
Achievement Test for Accounting Graduates
Achieving Behavioral Competencies
Adaptive Style Inventory
Adolescent Coping Scale
Adult Attention Deficit Disorder Behavior Rating Scale
Alcohol Clinical Index
Aphasia Diagnostic Profiles
Aprenda: La Prueba De Logros en Espanol
The APT Inventory
Aptitude Interest Inventory
Arousal Seeking Tendency Scale
ASIST: A Structured Addictions Assessment Interview for Selecting Treatment
Assessment Inventory for Management
Assessment of Chemical Health Inventory
Assessment of Interpersonal Relations
Assessment of Living Skills and Resources
Attention Deficit Disorder Behavior Rating Scales
Auditory Continuous Performance Test
Auditory Selective Attention Test
Autism Screening Instrument for Educational Planning, Second Edition
The Balanced Emotional Empathy Scale
BASIS-A Inventory [Basic Adlerian Skills for Interpersonal Success--Adult Form]
Batera Woodcock-Munoz: Pruebas de Habilidad Cognitiva-Revisada
Bayley Infant Neurodevelopmental Screener
Bayley Scales of Infant Development, Second Edition
Beck Anxiety Inventory [1993 Edition]
Beck Depression Inventory [1993 Revised]
Beck Hopelessness Scale [Revised]
Beck Scale for Suicide Ideation
Behavior Assessment System for Children
Behavior Rating Instrument for Autistic and Other Atypical Children, 2nd Edition
Benton Visual Retention Test, Fifth Edition
BEST Instruments
Booker Profiles in Mathematics: Numeration and Computation
Brief Test of Head Injury
California Achievement Tests, Fifth Edition
California Verbal Learning Test, Children's Version
California Verbal Learning Test, Research Edition, Adult Version
Campbell Interest and Skill Survey
Canadian Achievement Tests, Second Edition
Canadian Test of Cognitive Skills
Career Anchors: Discovering Your Real Values, Revised Edition
Career Attitudes and Strategies Inventory: An Inventory for Understanding Adult Careers
Career Development Inventory [Consulting Psychologists Press, Inc.]
The Career Exploration Inventory
Career Exploration Series, 1992 Revision
Career Interest Inventory
The Career Profile System, Second Edition
Career Values Card Sort
CAT/5 Listening and Speaking Checklist
Child Behavior Checklist
Child Development Inventory
Children at Risk Screener: Kindergarten and Preschool
Children's Apperception Test [1991 Revision]
Children's Category Test
Children's Personality Questionnaire, 1985 Edition
Children's Role Inventory
Chinese Proficiency Test
Chinese Speaking Test, 1995 Edition
Christensen Dietary Distress Inventory
The City University Colour Vision Test, Second Edition 1980
The Classroom Communication Skills Inventory: A Listening and Speaking Checklist
Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals--Preschool
Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals, Third Edition
Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals--3 Screening Test
Coaching Process Questionnaire
Cognitive Abilities Test, Form 5
College Adjustment Scales
College Outcome Measures Program
Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency
The Common-Metric Questionnaire
Communication and Symbolic Behavior Scales
Composite International Diagnostic Interview
Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System
Comprehensive Behavior Rating Scale for Children
Comprehensive Receptive and Expressive Vocabulary Test
Comprehensive Scales of Student Abilities: Quantifying Academic Skills and School-Related Behavior Through the Use of Teacher Judgments
Comprehensive Test of Nonverbal Intelligence
Comprehensive Testing Program III
Coping Resources Inventory for Stress
Course Finder 2000
Creative Styles Inventory
CTB Portfolio Assessment System
CTB Writing Assessment System
Defense Mechanisms Inventory [Revised]
Degrees of Word Meaning
Depression and Anxiety in Youth Scale
Derogatis Psychiatric Rating Scale
Derogatis Stress Profile
Developmental Challenge Profile: Learning from Job Experiences
Developmental Observation Checklist System
Devereux Behavior Rating Scale--School Form
Diagnosing Organizational Culture
Diagnostic Achievement Test for Adolescents, Second Edition
Diagnostic Inventory for Screening Children
The Diagnostic Screening Batteries
Diagnostic Test of Library Skills--Advanced Edition
Discourse Comprehension Test
Draw-a-Story: Screening for Depression and Age or Gender Differences
Drug Use Questionnaire
Early Childhood Behavior Scale
Early Childhood Physical Environment Observation Schedules and Rating Scales
Early Intervention Developmental Profile
Early Language Milestone Scale, Second Edition
Early Memories Procedure
Early School Inventory
Eating Inventory
Ego Function Assessment
Ekwall/Shanker Reading Inventory--Third Edition
Electrical Maintenance Trainee
Electromechanical Vocational Assessment Manuals
Electronics Test--Form G2
Emotional or Behavior Disorder Scale
Emotional Problems Scales
Empowerment Inventory
Entrepreneurial Style and Success Indicator
EPS Sentence Completion Technique
ERB Writing Assessment
ETS Tests of Applied Literacy Skills
Examining for Aphasia, Third Edition
Family Risk Scales
FirstSTEP: Screening Test for Evaluating Preschoolers
The Five P's (Parent/Professional Preschool Performance Profile) [Revised]
Functional Fitness Assessment for Adults over 60 Years
Functional Linguistic Communication Inventory
Gilliam Autism Rating Scale
GOALS: A Performance-Based Measure of Achievement
The Gordon Diagnostic System
Gordon Personal Profile--Inventory [Revised]
Grandparent Strengths and Needs Inventory, 134
Guide to the Assessment of Test Session Behavior for the WISC-III and the WIAT
Hamilton Depression Inventory
Hebrew Speaking Test
Hogan Personality Inventory [Revised]
House-Tree-Person and Draw-A-Person as Measures of Abuse in Children: A Quantitative Scoring System
How Am I Doing? A Self-Assessment for Child Caregivers
I-SPEAK Your Language: A Survey of Personal Styles
IDEA Reading and Writing Proficiency Test
Individual Service Strategy Portfolio
Individual Style Survey
Indonesian Speaking Test
Infant-Toddler Developmental Assessment
Influence Strategies Exercise
Informal Reading Comprehension Placement Test [Revised]
INSIGHT Inventory
The Instructional Environment System--II: A System to Identify a Student's Instructional Needs (Second Edition)
Instrument Technician
Integrated Assessment System
INteraction CHecklist for Augmentative Communication, Revised Edition
Interaction Index
Inventory of Drinking Situations
Inventory of Learning Processes--R
The Inventory of Positive Thinking Traits
Inventory of Suicide Orientation-30
Iowa Tests of Basic Skills, Forms K, L, and M
Iowa Tests of Educational Development, Forms K, L, and M
Iowa Tests of Music Literacy, Revised
Jackson Personality Inventory--Revised
Job Search Inventory
Job Style Indicator
Joliet 3-Minute Speech and Language Screen (Revised)
Kaufman Functional Academic Skills Test
Kaufman Short Neuropsychological Assessment Procedure
Khatena Torrance Creative Perception Inventory
Khatena-Morse Multitalent Perception Inventory
Kilmann-Saxton Culture-Gap Survey [Revised]
Kohn Problem Checklist/Kohn Social Competence Scale
Language Arts Assessment Portfolio
Law Enforcement Candidate Record
Law School Admission Test
Leadership Competency Inventory
Leadership Skills Inventory [Consulting Resource Group]
Learning and Study Strategies Inventory--High School Version
Learning Preference Scales
Learning Skills Profile
Learning Style Inventory [Price Systems, Inc.]
Leisure Search Inventory
Life Roles Inventory
Life Space Analysis Profile
Life Stressors and Social Resources Inventory--Adult Form
Life Stressors and Social Resources Inventory--Youth Form
Lifestyle Assessment Questionnaire
Loewenstein Occupational Therapy Cognitive Assessment
MacArthur Communicative Development Inventories
Management Style Inventory [Hanson Silver Strong & Associates]
Manchester Personality Questionnaire
Marital Check-Up Kit
Mathematics Topic Pre-Tests
MDS Vocational Interest Exploration System
Measure of Achieving Tendency
Measures of Affiliative Tendency and Sensitivity to Rejection
MecTest (A Test for Maintenance Mechanics)
Mentoring Style Indicator
MicroCog: Assessment of Cognitive Functioning
Mill Hill Vocabulary Scale
Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory--III
Millon Index of Personality Styles
Minnesota Test for Differential Diagnosis of Aphasia
Motivated Skills Card Sort
Motivated Strategies for Learning Questionnaire
Nelson-Denny Reading Test, Forms G and H
Neurobehavioral Assessment of the Preterm Infant
NOCTI Teacher Occupational Competency Test: Appliance Repair
NOCTI Teacher Occupational Competency Test: Audio-Visual Communications Technology
NOCTI Teacher Occupational Competency Test: Auto Body Repair, Forms B and D
NOCTI Teacher Occupational Competency Test: Automotive Technician
NOCTI Teacher Occupational Competency Test: Scientific Data Processing
Occupational Interests Card Sort
Occupational Personality Assessment
Occupational Relationships Profile
Office Skills Series
Organizational Climate Exercise II
Parent as a Teacher Inventory [Revised]
Parent Behavior Checklist
Parent-Child Relationship Inventory
Parenting Stress Index, Third Edition
Parker Team Player Survey
The Patterned Elicitation Syntax Test with Morphophonemic Analysis
Pediatric Early Elementary Examination--II
Personal Experience Inventory for Adults
Personal Skills Map
Personal Style Assessment, Jung-Parry Form
Personal Style Indicator
Personal Styles Inventory [PSI-120]
Personal Values Questionnaire
Personality Inventory for Youth
Personnel Reaction Blank
Pharmacy College Admission Test
The Play Observation Scale
Power Base Inventory
Pre-Referral Intervention Manual [Revised and Updated Second Edition]
Preschool and Kindergarten Behavior Scales
Preschool Development Inventory
Preschool Developmental Profile
The Preschool Evaluation Scale
Preschool Language Scale--3
Productivity Environmental Preference Survey
Profile of Aptitude for Leadership
Profiles of Problem Solving
Progressive Achievement Test of Listening Comprehension [Revised]
Project Implementation Profile
PSC--Survey ADT
PSC Survey-SA
Questionnaire Measure of Trait Arousability (Or Its Converse, Stimulus Screening)
Quick Informal Assessment
Quickview Social History
Ramsay Corporation Job Skills--Health Care Reading Test
Ramsay Corporation Job Skills--Machinist Test
Ramsay Corporation Job Skills--Mechanic Evaluation Test
Ramsay Corporation Job Skills--Office Arithmetic Test
Ramsay Corporation Job Skills--Office Reading Test
Ramsay Corporation Job Skills--Reading Electrical Drawings & Schematics
Ramsay Corporation Job Skills--Reading Prints & Drawings
Ramsay Corporation Job Skills--Supervisory Reading Test
Relating to Each Other: A Questionnaire for Students
Relating with Colleagues: A Questionnaire for Faculty Members
Retirement Activities Card Sort Planning Kit
Revised Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression
Revised PSB--Aptitude for Practical Nursing Examination
Revised PSB--Health Occupations Aptitude Examination
Revised PSB--Nursing School Aptitude Examination (R.N.)
Revised PSB--Reading Comprehension Examination
Riverside Curriculum Assessment System
Rothwell Miller Interest Blank (Revised)
Rust Inventory of Schizotypal Cognitions
Sales Style Indicator
The Scales for Effective Teaching
Scales of Cognitive Ability for Traumatic Brain Injury
SCAN-A: A Test for Auditory Processing Disorders in Adolescents and Adults
School Archival Records Search
School Effectiveness Questionnaire
School Social Behavior Scales
Secondary & College Reading Inventory, Second Edition
Selby MillSmith Adaptive Ability Tests
Self-Description Questionnaire--I, II, III
The Self-Directed Search, Form E--1990 Revision
Self Worth Inventory
The Senior Apperception Technique [1985 Revision]
Sensory Evaluation Kit
Sex-Role Egalitarianism Scale
Shapiro Control Inventory
Short Employment Tests, Second Edition
Situational Confidence Questionnaire
Skills Inventory for Teams
Small Business Assessment
Spanish Assessment of Basic Education, Second Edition
Stanford Achievement Test, Ninth Edition
Stanford Diagnostic Mathematics Test, Fourth Edition
Stanford Diagnostic Reading Test, Fourth Edition
Stanford Writing Assessment Program, Second Edition
State Trait-Depression Adjective Check Lists
State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory, Revised Research Edition
The Stieglitz Informal Reading Inventory: Assessing Reading Behaviors from Emergent to Advanced Levels
Stokes/Gordon Stress Scale
Stress Indicator & Health Planner
Stress Resiliency Profile
Student Goals Exploration
Student Self-Concept Scale
Stuttering Severity Instrument for Children and Adults, Third Edition
Styles of Conflict Inventory
Substance Abuse Relapse Assessment
Substance Abuse Screening Test
Substance Use Disorder Diagnosis Schedule
SUP'R Star Profiles
Survey of Organizations
Survey of Work Styles
Swanson-Cognitive Processing Test
Systematic Screening for Behavior Disorders
Tapping Students' Science Beliefs: A Resource for Teaching and Learning
Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis [1992 Edition]
Team Development Survey
The Team Leadership Practices Inventory
Technician Electrical Test--Form A2
Technician Mechanical Test--Form A2
Tennessee Self-Concept Scale, Second Edition
Test of Academic Achievement Skills--Reading, Arithmetic, Spelling, and Listening Comprehension
Test of Academic Performance
Test of Adolescent and Adult Language, Third Edition
Test of Auditory-Perceptual Skills
Test of Cognitive Skills, Second Edition
Test of Early Written Language, Second Edition
Test of Inference Ability in Reading Comprehension
Test of Kindergarten/First Grade Readiness Skills
Test of Mathematical Abilities, Second Edition
Test of Memory and Learning
Test of Oral and Limb Apraxia
Test of Orientation for Rehabilitation Patients
Test of Phonological Awareness
Test of Reading Comprehension, Third Edition
Test of Understanding in College Economics, Third Edition
Test of Variables of Attention
Test of Visual-Motor Skills
Test of Word Knowledge
Test of Written Expression
Test of Written Language--Third Edition
Test of Written Spelling, Third Edition
Test on Appraising Observations
Tests of Adult Basic Education, Forms 7 & 8
Tests of Adult Basic Education Work-Related Foundation Skills
Tests of Adult Basic Education Work-Related Problem Solving
TestWell: Health Risk Appraisal
TestWell: Wellness Inventory
TestWell: Wellness Inventory--College Version
Tool Room Attendant
Total Quality Management Readiness Index
The Trait Pleasure-Displeasure Scale
Transdisciplinary Play-Based Assessment, Revised Edition
Uniform Child Custody Evaluation System
USES General Aptitude Test Battery for the Deaf
The Values Scale, Second Edition
Vocational Assessment and Curriculum Guide
Vocational Interest Inventory--Revised
Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal, Form S
Wechsler Individual Achievement Test
Welding Test
Wiig Criterion Referenced Inventory of Language
Wonderlic Basic Skills Test
Woodcock-McGrew-Werder Mini-Battery of Achievement
Woodcock-Munoz Language Survey
Work Adjustment Inventory
The Work Adjustment Scale
Work Performance Assessment
Work Temperament Inventory
Writing Process Test