Become a Reviewer for the Mental Measurements Yearbook

The Buros Center for Testing publishes reviews of hundreds of tests each year. We depend on the assistance of professionals who volunteer their time and expertise in the review process.

If you are interested in reviewing tests or test related products for the Buros Institute, and:

  • hold a doctoral degree (PhD, EdD, or PsyD)
  • have training in psychometrics

Please provide us with the following information. Please be sure to complete all four sections of this form. We will contact you if you are chosen for the review process.

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Part 1. Contact Information
Part 2. Background

Part 2 presents a checklist that asks for basic information about your professional experience and background.

Ages (required field; check all that apply) *
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Part 3. Areas of Expertise

Part 3 is structured by test categories used in The Mental Measurements Yearbooks. Check your area(s) of expertise using this part of the list as best you can. You may also indicate additional area(s) in the "comments" section at the end.

Fine Arts
Foreign Languages
Intelligence and General Aptitude
Mental Disorders
Special Populations and Contexts
Speech and Hearing
VocationsClimate / Attitude
Employment Selection and Skills - General
Employment Selection and Skills – Specific Occupations
Interest Inventories
Behavior Assessment
Part 4. Additional Information

Please provide additional information in the boxes below to help us match your experience and expertise with appropriate tests to review.

Please note specific topics of interest or areas of measurement expertise (e.g., IRT, CTT, large scale assessments, tests used for progress monitoring or outcomes assessment)