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Social and Emotional Learning Assessment Technical Guidebook

The Social and Emotional Learning Assessment Technical Guidebook is a user-friendly, technical guidebook for educators involved in selecting and overseeing the use of SEL assessments with students in PreK through Grade 12. The result are three guides that provide steps and resources for identifying an SEL assessment, questions to ask when evaluating the measurement quality of an SEL assessment, and recommendations for appropriately using an SEL assessment once a high quality measure has been identified. We encourage educators to review, share, and apply these guides when engaging in the selection and use of SEL assessment.

SEL Technical Guidebook

Mental Measurements Yearbook Instructional Modules

The Buros Center for Testing requested proposals that provide examples of how instructors of graduate and undergraduate courses use the Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY) to teach students to understand and evaluate measurement fundamentals and identify and select high-quality tests and assessments. Watch short videos by a variety of instructors and access relevant supplemental course information and materials.

Videos on Demand

Our Video Library provides on-demand access to informative talks from key experts in testing, measurement, and assessment topics. For each video, you will find information regarding running time, title, abstract, learning objectives, and presenter biography. In addition, you can preview the first 3-5 minutes of the recording at no charge.

For single-user access and APA or NASP continuing education credit, video purchases range $25-35.
For multi-user access for all students in a course, video purchases are $100 for first video purchase, $80 for subsequent video purchases.

Visit to provide suggestions for future programming that will meet your instructional and professional development needs. Contact Dr. Jessica Jonson, with questions.

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Test Reviews Online
If you are in the process of test selection, use our Test Reviews Online search engine. Access expert reviews of more than 3,500 currently available commercial test products exactly as the reviews appear in the Mental Measurements Yearbook series. Click on any test title in the search results to see additional descriptive information about the test, including publisher contact information. Full reviews may be purchased for $15 per test title. For sample reviews,

Library Resources

More than 13,000 full-text reviews of tests in psychology, neuropsychology, communication, education and special education, business, and leadership can be accessed online if your library subscribes to one of our database products through EBSCO Information Services or Ovid Technologies. Search your library’s databases for Mental Measurements Yearbook or talk to your librarian to find out whether your library subscribes to one of our three databases (Mental Measurements Yearbook; Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print; and Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print Internacional, which includes information about tests that are in print in Spanish).

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eBook Resource

Pruebas Publicadas en Español II: An Index of Spanish Tests in Print is available for purchase as a pdf download.
An essential resource for those who need to test a Spanish speaker, PPE II contains descriptions of more than 600 tests that are available wholly or partly in Spanish.
Descriptions are presented side-by-side in English and Spanish, making the book accessible to readers of Spanish, English, or both languages.

resource to test Spanish speakers PPEII