Big Issues in Testing: Improving Admissions and Learning in Higher Education

March 28-29th, 2013
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Buros Center for Testing is proud to celebrate UNL’s addition to the Big 10 conference by sponsoring a conference on testing issues in higher education.   The conference will highlight research and insights regarding the current state of admissions and learning assessment at both the undergraduate and graduate level.  Issues to be discussed include the extent to which testing and assessment produces desired result or effect, influence of the context in which assessment occurs, implications for special and minority populations, lessons higher education can learn from K-12 assessment for accountability,  and challenges to thinking about in the future of testing and assessment for admissions and learning.


Conference is open to any individual interested in testing and assessment issues in higher education. This includes faculty, administrators, and professional staff at the postsecondary and K-12 levels as well as educational policymakers.


Registration for attending in-person or via live webcast is now open.


Schedule of Conference Presentations


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Presenters & Topics

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Neal Schmitt
Michigan State University
Undergraduate Admissions Measures
Michael C. Rodriguez
University of Minnesota
Graduate Admissions Measures
Kurt F. Geisinger
University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Future of College Admissions Measures
Stephen B. Dunbar
University of Iowa
James S. Jackson
University of Michigan
Admission, Selection, Graduation of Minority Students
James Wollack
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Placement Testing
Martha L. Thurlow
University of Minnesota
Testing of Special Populations
Ryan Kettler
Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey
Victor Borden
Indiana University
Measurement Validity and Accountability in Higher Education
Edward Roeber
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Assessment System Design for Improvement
Jerome V. D'Agostino
The Ohio State University
Alignment Between Secondary and Postsecondary Standards and Expectations
Delwyn Harnisch
University of Nebraska-Lincoln