Improving Admissions and Learning in Higher Education
March 28-29, 2013
University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Buros Center for Testing held its inaugural Big Issues in Testing Conference on March 28-29, 2013. Buros newest initiative, Assessment Literacy, was an impetus for Buros sponsorship of the conference. A library of on-demand videos from this conference as well as a variety of presentations given at past meetings and events will be available in the near future. Buros is considering themes for future Big Issues in Testing conferences.

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2013 Big Issues Conference Theme

2013 Big Issues in Testing Conference honored University of Nebraska–Lincoln’s addition to the Big 10 conference by inviting speakers from Big Ten institutions to discuss testing issues in higher education. The conference highlighted research and insights regarding the current state of admissions and learning assessment at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Issues discussed include the extent to which testing and assessment produces desired result or effect, influence of the context in which assessment occurs, implications for special and minority populations, lessons higher education can learn from K-12 assessment for accountability, and challenges to thinking about in the future of testing and assessment for admissions and learning.

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